The first day of the red jujube miss you 960 million acquisition of snacks electricity supplier

Abstract: I think you will be non-public offering of shares and pay cash to spend 960 million acquisition of a $100% stake. Currently, the national leisure food market size of over one hundred billion, after the acquisition of miss you can be with three squirrels, herbs taste swept the snack food market

days ago, A shares of listed companies miss you (002582.SZ) issued a notice to issue stock + cash, $960 million acquisition of 100% stake (James Hao becheery).

through the acquisition of equity financing incentive

in the James Hao valuation basis for 960 million yuan, you will want to non-public offering of shares and the payment of cash to buy assets Hao williams. The proportion of the total cash payment of 15%, a total of RMB 144 million yuan. The issuance of shares of the proportion of the total 85% shares, the total value of 816 million yuan, according to the calculation of the issue price of 16.11 yuan / share, you will want to Hao James issued 50 million 650 thousand shares of the total shares.

Hao James in the acquisition at the same time, you will also want to lock the price by the way to miss you, miss you chairman Shi Jubin first phase of ESOP ten specific object is not more than 960 million yuan to raise the size of the financing package. Among them, the stone Jubin will subscribe for $360 million, you want the ESOP will subscribe to one of the 138 million 900 thousand yuan, the rest of the Harvest Fund and other 8 institutions subscription.

this 960 million yuan supporting financing 140 million yuan to pay the purchase price on the cash Hao James, part of the price of 448 million yuan to supplement the required for normal operation of James Hao working capital, 360 million yuan for the construction of wisdom stores want you to pay 8 million yuan, from the reorganization of parts in the process of agency costs.

Homs is becheery parent company, mainly engaged in R & D, casual snack packaging, sales and brand operations, its "becheery" brand is a pure Internet leisure snacks leading brand, the main products include nuts, candy, cakes, dried fruit dried seafood, gift boxes and other five series, a total of more than and 300 single goods. Tmall mall brand selling snacks category index top three ranked becheery series products.

miss you in 2011 to become listed Chinese red dates the first shares currently developed around the red dates, red dates, disposable jujube candied fruit, dried jujube, jujube, jujube, jujube powder, honey, jujube beverages and other products, mainly through the store in the form of sales under the line. However, the current market competition in the original jujube, jujube products around the development of a new product more and more difficult, so I think your revenue growth has slowed.

the acquisition of success, you will be integrated with the line under the line of taste and taste, the formation of complementary advantages, the development of O2O model. Difficulties in the development of new products to increase revenue slowdown in the background, the acquisition of herbal flavor will make you want to expand the product category to the mainstream of the whole category of leisure food.

leisure food industry a situation of tripartite confrontation


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