Mcglaughlin officially revised incursion to make only superficial changes

Mcglaughlin is now officially revised we all know, but, before Chen Chen writes "four reasons" revision of the secret Mcglaughlin, count Mcglaughlin why revision. In fact, any revision of the electricity supplier, are for the new development. Today, Chen Chen from several aspects together with the analysis of several aspects of Mcglaughlin revision, with the view of Mcglaughlin officially revised "make only superficial changes", to incursion.

"make only superficial changes" is one of the member account account vouchers, integral reset.

Chen Chen and some network friends found many friends in Mcglaughlin’s account information is cleared, and you said, did not know before the network revision, at this point, network is extremely not considered user. As a business platform, the need to consider is the website, is in need of more user support, so you need is to keep the user before treatment, and should give the user some feedback, so as to retain old customers, with the revision of the website can better.

two, to "make only superficial changes" is not the real product sales, it is difficult to retain users.

friends and Chen Chen said, there is a snow boots 29 yuan, 2013.1.1 Mcglaughlin page physical description: [today] only sold 29 yuan Korean boots to ensure the highest quality! Buy a pair of boots for winter! The 2012 winter snow boots, the popular Japanese shoe pad * * listed gift (send end) however, the page is displayed on the 90 yuan, but also added 12 yuan freight, said that the network 59 yuan before shipping, regardless of the previous gold diamond card members free postage concessions, close the page the two places there are obvious gaps and mistakes.


event, we can understand Mcglaughlin’s possible system problems, but there are a lot of users see this vulnerability after the auction, should at least have a notice to solve this problem, but no. Chen Chen is trying to say, not to the real product sales, it is difficult to retain users. Because the user really love your product, need to get a respectful and awesome user experience.

"three flowers, make only superficial changes" a wide variety of exchange activities, or.

Mcglaughlin after the revision, will be removed after the integral before, launched a so-called exchange activities, a wide variety of flowers to everyone talking. In fact, a website is most needed should let old users apply, no time for the user, it suddenly to some activities and make it do not have the patience to clear, but also not clear what is going on. In fact, for the exchange activities, should allow the old user can accept, so as to adapt to a new website revision.

"four increase, make only superficial changes" clothing brand, enhance the grade level of clothing.

believes that many of the old users must have logged on to Mcglaughlin, after all the more Mcglaughlin

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