2015 double 11 order of red envelopes summary content and activity rules show how to use


order red content, in fact, as early as a few days ago has been exposed. Play to grab a red envelope, the fight is the personality and luck! They already told you everything, you have to live it? Hurry up of ~

a, activity time:

November 5, 2015 00:00:00 to November 10, 2015 21:00:00.

two, participation conditions:

users of Taobao membership account bound Alipay account must be through the real name authentication, and open the balance of payment function, otherwise we cannot win.

three, activity participation platform:


PC (Domain Name: taobao.com), Tmall PC (Domain Name: tmall.com), mobile phone Taobao client (iOS5.4.0 Android and above or 5.4.0 and above), mobile phone Tmall client (iOS5.10.0 and above or Android 5.10.0 and above versions), the Taobao HD client (iPad version, iOS4.4.1 and above), the Tmall HD client (iPad version iOS2.6.3 and above


four, participation:

1: a Tmall official order envelope extraction. During the event, enter a specific double order 11 page on the platform to participate in the activities of the search box (a specific text) and perform a search, you can participate in the 11 red envelopes (from double is no threshold discount ticket discount budget amount, products and services, consumers can get a red envelope to provide discount coupons to products in accordance with no threshold conditions in Tmall and Taobao specific businesses shopping coupons to enjoy discounts, see the specific double 11 envelopes payment and use of the rules) and double 11 shopping vouchers.

2: two selected businesses show red. During the event, in order to input specific business platform to participate in the activities of the page search box (a specific text) and perform a search, you can participate in the 11 and 11 double envelopes from double coupons.

3: three individual users can create and release personal order envelopes.

create a personal order: Red activity time specific time period (November 5, 2015 00:00 to November 10, 2015 20:00:00), users can through the mobile phone terminal "my 11" double entrance into the red envelopes to conform to the rules of the interface, input order, fill in the total amount of the payment envelopes and the number of complete payment, generating envelopes ready the page, then the individual order envelopes have been generated successfully.

order to receive personal envelopes: during the event, the user input box in order to specific individuals to participate in the activities of the search platform page (a specific text), and perform a search, you can receive the order of individuals under the order of a red envelope, the amount of random.

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