Ali had refuted the theory of winter electricity supplier companies do not make money is a model pro



group chief Ceng Ming Sina Francisco December 9th morning news, whether it is the Jingdong Liu Qiangdong winter theory, or Lok Bi Sheng business fraud theory, have caused the industry attention on this topic, the Alibaba group chief Ceng Ming to Sina Technology said that in the current market system, if do not to make electronic commerce money, it means that practitioners mode may have problems.

over the past few months, the electricity supplier for the winter that hubbub on it, there are many difficult to continue the practitioners had to leave. But Zeng Ming believes that e-commerce after nearly ten years of breeding, has just entered a period of rapid development, the pace of development in the past can not imagine the bright future. A lot of companies say that the winter of e-commerce, the fact is just the opposite."

Zeng Ming pointed out that the so-called e-commerce winter is due to two reasons, one is the enterprise investment bubble, burn money in exchange for market and investment, but investors do not see short-term returns the final withdrawal; more importantly, part of the business model may have fundamental problems, such as the group purchase website in business model is not clear under the condition that the reverse way of the Internet, the line crazy shop sales team encountered problems are inevitable.

Ceng Ming also said that in the current market system, e-commerce enterprises shouldn’t rely on burn by losses in exchange for market space. No one can rely on losses to achieve sustainable development." Zeng ming to the Amoy brand enterprise for example, say a lot of industry has achieved a profit.

and asked for some channel type of vertical B2C only the sales link moved to the Internet, leading to how to treat the final exit from the electricity supplier industry phenomenon, Zeng Ming said, "e-commerce is not a marketing tool, but the use of the Internet to achieve the upgrading of the industrial chain, for the entire industry model of reengineering and innovation, to create enough value and the formation of a sustainable profit model."

in the current market system, if you do not make money e-commerce, it means that the practitioners themselves may have a problem model." Zeng Ming stressed that doing e-commerce, can not hold a fishing mentality. "The domestic e-commerce market has broad prospects, but the competition is more intense, the opportunity is always left to the practical work of the enterprise". (Cui Xi)

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