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in the past more than and 20 days, the United States Mission on Ctrip merger rumors have appeared in many versions, and 36 krypton recently exclusive access to another way of saying: Beauty wine and Ctrip business travel or merger.

there are also sources close to the United States mission, the United States Mission CEO Wang Xing, wine brigade CEO group in the past few years, in fact, in the past with the cooperation between Ctrip, but the results have not been settled down in.


has been talking about, many variables, several parties in the game," a person close to Baidu and Baidu that tell krypton 36, this is one of the protagonists of rumors. This means that details such as the amount of shares are still agreed.

According to

, comprehensive multi information judgment, Ctrip and the United States is still about the hand of the event rate. However, due to the interests of the parties involved, resulting in complex negotiations, the final outcome of the negotiations, and now may even Ctrip, the United States and the two sides have not yet finalized.

actually, since American wine brigade split, Ctrip the issuance of convertible bonds and ADS prospectus, about two "there will be a" rumors never stopped, the U.S. group also filled with internal tensions and will lay off ". Both sides took turns to stand out of the rumor, has risen to a mutual choking situation, and this drama seems every time "merger" before the event will be staged.

and the two sides of the "propaganda for ready to accept either course" traces, we may wish to analyze Ctrip and beauty group "and not" between conflicting interests.

potential in the Ctrip

according to the tourism business, Ctrip want to get involved in American wine tour actual already discerned, one is at the end of 2015, the group received 3 billion 300 million comments financing, insiders believe that Ctrip may be involved, where the network was called "cut dead beauty" of the market activities, the purpose is to put pressure on the United States mission, hoping to win the best investment price of ctrip.

is the second time in June this year where to withdraw from the market, when someone broke the news that the U.S. group financing is not smooth, and Ctrip want to merge, but Baidu does not agree. When he was the general manager of the U.S. group wine business group strategic cooperation Zhong Yongjian brigade to counterattack, two rumors on the market at that time did not cause strong repercussions, we also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

this is the third time, it is the U.S. group as independent wine tour rumors.

from September 6th Ctrip announced the issuance of $750 million of convertible bonds and 22 million 500 thousand shares of ADS, less than a week’s time, that as of September 13th, Ctrip has completed 28 million 500 thousand shares of ADS, priced at $45.96 per share, at the same time, a total of $900 million senior convertible bonds maturing in 2022 also released complete. Ctrip fund-raising total of more than 2 billion 200 million U.S. dollars, Baidu, Priceline holdings.

and a sufficient dowry, sincerity.

actually, whether it’s September 8th >

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