Payment industry into the shuffle stage of the fourth installment of the payment license or issued n

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from the central bank issued the third installment of the past 5 months after the payment of more than 61 months, according to informed sources, the payment of the next installment of the license will be issued next month, and the number may be nearly fourth. The industry is expected, with the access to a large number of qualified enterprises, the payment industry will enter the shuffle stage, the next three years is expected to gradually establish the market structure of the third party payment.

May 2011 26, the people’s Bank of China to the domestic 27 party payment companies issued the first payment business license third. In the same year on August 31st, the central bank announced the second batch of enterprises to obtain a list of third party payment license, a total of 13 companies to obtain a license. On the last day of the year in December 31st 61, the third party payment enterprise obtained the license plate.

according to statistics, the central bank has paid the 256 party payment business license application for the conduct of the public, which has 101 companies in the previous three rounds of license issuance process, obtained a license in the process of obtaining a license for the first time in the past third years.

insiders said that at present the fourth batch payment license list has been preliminarily determined, just waiting for the final approval. The license will be approved by the enterprise will be more likely to have nearly a hundred." Informed sources said that the estimated number of companies approved for the third party payment companies. Reporter failed to confirm this information from the central bank.

, however, the industry today is not as enthusiastic about the license before. This is because after three rounds of licenses issued, the license is not a scarce resource." Insiders said that in this round of license issuance, the need to pay more attention to the previously licensed enterprises will apply for new payment services.

fast money CEO Guan Guoguang earlier in an interview with this reporter that the issuance of licenses, and promote the development of the payment industry, and the industry gradually evolved into an industrial chain. According to statistics, in 2012 China’s Internet payment industry payment business transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 118.1%; 2012 1-3 month, the transactions amounted to 776 billion yuan, an increase of 112.6%.

in the first round of licensing, has said the industry will have a greater impact on the industry, and there will be more mergers and whipsaws. However, so far, third party payment companies did not produce big mergers, while the industry is also facing deep market segments in the direction of development. Every licensed enterprises have their own way of life." A payment company executives told reporters that as long as the money to stop the behavior of the enclosure, many companies can immediately profitable.

industry insiders believe that if this round of licensing process, payment companies has yet to get the corresponding license, then it may become the object of enterprise pay those big acquisitions. Lacarra chairman Sun Taoran said yesterday, is expected in the next three years, the third party payment market will complete the cards.

domestic business market has been slightly crowded, third party payment giant >

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