Alipay in a test run

the Chinese largest third party payment company ushered in the highest point of the history of the development, is also facing more intense competition situation and policy concerns.


after the daily turnover exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng to honor the commitment of streaking. In December 8, 2009, Alipay office building, he was wearing a pair of shorts, wearing sunglasses around the circle in front of hundreds of employees. Because of the need to play the image of Zorro – the other may be shy — he also wore a cloak.

daily trading volume exceeded 2 billion in the year will be achieved." Shao Xiaofeng on the first financial weekly said. In an interview with the Reuters after he has set himself a more ambitious goal: to make the annual turnover reached 1 trillion yuan within two years, to catch up with eBay’s PayPal, to become the world’s largest third party payment platform. PayPal has 75 million users worldwide, generating $2000 per second trading volume, in 2009 the annual trading volume of more than $63 billion (about 429 billion 700 million yuan).


and PayPal are different, so the huge volume of transactions would put Alipay in a subject to unexpected policy ceiling, that Alibaba founder Ma Yun in May 2009 when the active foreign said: "Alipay can contribute to the country at any time." In contrast, eBay’s CEO John. Donaho (John Donahoe) is similar to the burden, he still talk with eloquence: PayPal completed a $70 billion turnover in 2009, commercial potential has been far greater than eBay.

this is somewhat surprising. One of the first to enter the emerging industries of private companies, relying on more localized market strategy, thoughtful product design, and gradually improve the user experience has been successful. But when it is possible to catch up with a world-class rival in the world, the founder has put forward can be made in the national team attitude.

now it hasn’t happened yet. Shao Xiaofeng explained, "to the country" is a way of Alipay acceptable, development direction is not established by alipay. He tried to show that this is related to the social responsibility of the enterprise, especially Alipay according to the current pace of development, will soon become a part of the national financial system.

this kind of worry was revealed in a very early time. In fact, since 2005, in the absence of the relevant regulations of the case, Alipay began to take the initiative to communicate with the competent departments at all levels; in June 2006, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398, shares) according to the requirements of Alipay, at the beginning of each month after the checks issued by Alipay "customer transaction escrow report".

in China financial regulatory policy background, the position cannot be disingenuous, but at least let people feel subtle. The reality is, this house

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