At the end of June from the shop home page will display credit information micro shop will also be s

March 17th, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, commissioned by the State Administration for Industry and commerce to study the national network trading platform regulatory service system, the first phase of the system is expected to be on line in June 30th. By then, the shop page will be displayed directly in the industrial and commercial sectors of the information, the blacklist will be displayed in the shop, do not consume, friendship tips.

micro business year after will be incorporated into the regulatory category

Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau special department director Chen Jianping introduced in March 7th this year to 14, the administration of industry and Commerce SAIC organized 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the departments (market supervision), the "national network trading platform supervision service system (a)" in the first round of inter provincial the network test, and in the nationwide, that initially found thousands of suspected of engaging in illegal business shop. The system will be formally launched at the end of 6 this year.

it is understood that the system line mainly goods supervision; development phase two next year will be involved in services and information; the year after will be involved in the mobile social business platform (micro business), independent business website is also incorporated into the regulatory system construction planning.

consumers browse shop will be able to automatically obtain credit information

Chen Jianping said that through the system, the regulatory authorities to grasp the main database of the main shop, the national general. In the future, consumers in the online shopping without access to the official website of the government can find the enterprise credit information, but in the shop when the shop visit to automatically obtain the relevant credit information in the browser, including whether the administrative punishment, whether they were included in the list of unusual and so on.

in the 17 day of the test show, a simulation of revocation of the business license of the shop is locked by the system, the reporter logs onto this shop, above the shop home immediately pop up a yellow red tip: "Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau reminds you: the online business license has been revoked in Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, belong to the black list enterprises, does not have the legal transaction qualifications, do not choose consumption or trade."

Chen Jianping also said that the warning was the shop, is the administrative organ in accordance with the law has made the administrative decision, if the change, be removed from the list of operating anomalies, the warning system will automatically disappear.

enterprise credit information network additional electricity supplier credit publicity

Zhu Jingtao, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce credit department introduced, Beijing enterprise credit information network is currently attracting a large number of enterprises, the public login query, the average daily query volume of more than 750 thousand

. With the continued strengthening of the electricity regulatory work, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to explore the rich business cases of illegal information disclosure, involving goods and service providers such as the network commodity trading platform in the illegal act (usually third party merchants), "business credit" column increase in credit online publicity related case information. At present, the new column publicity function has been tested on the transfer of credit online, revealed a number of online shopping platform > part.

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