How to protect your domain name is not registered two

protect your domain name will not be registered

One of the main responsibilities of the

Internet assigned name and number company (ICANN) is domain name system management. In accordance with the policy of ICANN, the domain name registrar may not transfer or cancel any of the disputed domain names when a complaint is filed against a domain name for a trademark or service mark. The Registrar must wait for instructions from the court, arbitrator or other neutral body to resolve the dispute.

but, if a domain name was registered in order to obtain benefits from trademark or service mark of others, that is usually said cybersquatting complaints can carry out ICANN special arbitration proceedings. Four ICANN designated domain name dispute arbitration institutions can also help resolve the domain name dispute, the arbitration is based on the unified domain name dispute resolution ICANN (ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy). The four companies are: CPR, eResolution, national dispute resolution Arbitration Forum and the World Intellectual Property Organization (CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, eResolution the, National Arbitration Forum, the World and Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)). Some well-known domain name disputes related to the world famous brands, such as IKEA and Rolex. For more details, please visit

you reduce the likelihood of domain name disputes to a minimum:

One of the most powerful protections of

* is to register your logo in the local patent and trademark agencies. This allows you to be protected by law and to inform others that they are prohibited from using a logo that may cause confusion among consumers.

Although the

* copyright law by automatic content on your website protection, you should still be behind these online content plus "?" logo, or even ‘have all rights’, to emphasize your ownership.

* after you sign up, be alert to people around you who think this is a good sign. This is called ‘monitoring’ of your logo, which prevents it from becoming a generic, "public domain name" that cannot be protected. In order to improve the effectiveness of supervision, once the infringement occurs, immediate action should be taken.

* from time to time to conduct trademark search to see if there is a potential misuse of your trademark situation. The complete search includes a registered trademark, pending registration, and unregistered identification.

* understand the laws that will help you deal with the infringer. Trademark law will be different in different regions. Some prohibit the registration, transfer or use of a registered trademark

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