Taobao consumer protection payments and how to pay back

do not know when to start, Taobao released a new product category in some shops have to pay the consumer protection, is the margin. Consumer protection deposit is the main consumer protection fees, the average is 1000 yuan, some categories are higher, which is the lowest cost. Taobao released before the product is not required to pay any fees, free shop, but also need to pay 1000 yuan to pay the price of the shop.

Taobao consumer margin for the majority of Taobao owners, they care about is not how to pay, how to pay, but I pay the consumer margin this money can not be taken out. For some large companies have the strength of the business, the cost of insurance. One thousand dollars is really not worth mentioning, some categories of tens of thousands of dollars to pay the deposit or to pay them.

, however, for some small sellers Taobao, 1000 dollars is not a small sum. I don’t know how much money Taobao stores, should pay 1000 yuan to take it out to do? I think a lot of people are worried about, then search related problems at Baidu, ask what consumers can deposit.

Baidu is also a lot of answers, most of them say that the money can be taken out of insurance. However, there are still some people say that the consumer security can not be taken out of the. Users are inconsistent, it is difficult to know what is true and what is false. In this case, a lot of people only. Do not pay consumer protection, some products can only be released second-hand, it will open it. Some are also expected to reduce the margin of some Taobao.

from the beginning of 2011 when I opened the Taobao shop, rose to a drill shop was closed to Taobao, and later opened a shop called Tiger network, but only four. This Taobao shop I started last year, was originally intended to drill this year, it seems unlikely. During this period, I have been troubled by the problem of consumer protection. I pay 1000 dollars in the end or not to pay it?

Taobao does not pay margin, released toys can only choose second-hand. And website construction, source code, software, virtual machines and other goods can not be released. Just because of consumer protection, if I sell these Taobao alone can earn a lot of money. However, I was worried that the consumer can not get out of the insurance, waste. In this way, more than half a year’s time passed, looking at other people’s shops have to pay the consumer protection I did not pay, Taobao almost no sales.

these days, I have a lot of toys, ready to sell in the second half. However, it has been difficult to sell, I sold the toys are directly before the transfer, a lot of users do not feel at ease, so sales are certainly much less. In order to be able to sell a good toy, I decided to pay Taobao. A few days ago, the friend told me that a friend to borrow money, borrow money from me, I think, this friend to lend money to pay consumers retain no difference? Is not in the others? Finally, I also decided to pay the consumer protection, which know that night one day, Alipay has not released recharge money. The system is upgrading, the post office card recharge.


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