Look at the retail grass root how to counter attack nternet economy

in the Internet economy, there will always be a miracle, a lot of well-known industry as long as fun Internet thinking, you can get a very good development, a lot of achievements in the Internet industry, let more industry in the Internet economic tide of "gold", the Internet economy has also led to a change in the whole industry the retail industry, as the basic business model under the Internet economy thinking has become an important aspect of a successful counter attack, leading to the development of the Internet economy, one of the mysteries have to say is a miracle.

stood in the era of the

in the teeth of the stormThe historical trend of

is always an inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of enterprises and economy. The retail industry as China’s traditional industries, has been the underlying industry business development, development in development than the industry and other industries, social value is less than other industries, it can be said that the economic development is an absolute "grass root", however, the number of China’s retail market for many that fashion is an important way to the development of retail, therefore, industry practitioners actively at the same time to seize the development trend of the Internet economy in the teeth of the storm, the thinking of the Internet into the development of the retail industry, leading to the development of economy and society through innovation, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that as of December 2013 the market transaction China retail network reached 18851 yuan, 13205 billion compared to 2012 year-on-year growth of 42.8%, Chinese online retail market transactions accounted for the society The total retail sales of consumer goods by 8.04%, the doubt that retail electricity providers have become our country economy important component, grasp the development trend of the times is an important method for its "counter attack".

lead the trend of innovation

network is a complex industry, the era is changing, in order to ensure the steady development of enterprises need to follow the trend of the times actively innovation, retail electricity providers from simple B2B to B2C to O2O, this form of thinking of the Internet to allow retailers to pay more attention to some network marketing mode changes from paying attention to the development of to pay more attention to the user experience, from online marketing to a series of online payment means innovation, through innovation, constantly convenient people’s life, at the same time in the mobile Internet industry, integration of the mobile Internet and the PC Internet, through the integration of this form to expand the business, for the subsequent development to add new impetus.

marketing diversification

in the O2O Internet era, more and more retail business began to change to focus on enterprise marketing, the implementation of the new "counter attack", some enterprises began to build their own online mall and mobile application client, customer development online, provide a variety of services online, for the next part of the online business, and network promotion online on the way of promotion is a diversified development of the situation, in WeChat, micro-blog and other social media development, retailers also began actively with the alliance platform.

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