Beauty electricity supplier’s 2013 double eleven strategy

according to the business survey, in 2012 the U.S. online shopping transactions reached about 50000000000, an increase of 66.6%. Beauty network the cake is vital to business category, except for some big battle platform Tmall, Jingdong, such as Amazon, in the beauty line of, vertical electric, every network also in 2013 several big promotion occasionally clash.

industry insiders pointed out that now most of the big beauty into the platform in the form of flagship store settled, a beauty electricity supplier whether to open a brand flagship store has become a judgment whether the electricity supplier is a mature threshold.

double 11 shopping enthusiasm under anti fake

online shopping has become the people’s habits, the disadvantages of online shopping also surfaced online shopping cosmetics may encounter arson, fake and smuggled goods, consumers may not take the piercing eye to distinguish carefully, choose the regular channels is especially important. South Korea’s third largest cosmetics brands in Missha Sina official micro-blog direct claim to avoid fakes to formal channels to buy, LAFONT network, daily net, Jingdong Mall (only Jingdong shipped), Tmall Missha flagship store.

11 pairs of warm shopping beware of hype

with 11 double approaching, the business sector in Beijing with 16 enterprises put forward three requirements: publishing false sales information, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the implementation of unfair competition and other three kinds of illegal behavior, as the State Administration for Industry and Commerce investigation object.

double 11 shopping under the enthusiasm to save money

of the electricity supplier promotional efforts is not the same, let the magnitude of a small series of simple inventory beauty electricity supplier promotional efforts.

Tmall: only 1 thousand and 111 part of the United States and the United States makeup brand 50 percent off, part of the full send

Jingdong: 11.1-11.2 100 brand 3 fold (part of non self)

network: every day the whole month of November the audience 1 fold, over 300 to send 500 11.10-11.12 Sheng women’s Day 50 percent off days, 100 brand ·. 11.10-11.11 100 brand beauty (specificdiscount unreleased)

double 11 shopping bag mail save

love passion

is currently Tmall advertising has declared shipping, Jingdong’s shipping threshold is 39 yuan price and diamond member I contacted the, every day, every day,, before the deadline for marketing network in the double 11 day commitment to all orders for shipping, Lasafo and did not respond.

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