Analysis of traditional industries how to stay in B2C website

with the development of the domestic B2C industry, product sales network has grown from a single food, clothing, department stores, 3C (mobile phone, digital, computer) and other small commodities, gradually began to achieve large-scale appliance sales. The needle for the sale of electricity, logistics and distribution costs, after-sales service and other issues, has been the major sites have to consider and face problems. And this one, in particular, the need to install special air-conditioning sales issues more prominent.

as everyone knows, air conditioning sold 1.5 entirely finished state, has always been "three sales, seven installation, in addition, the site also has air conditioning sales inventory and distribution problems, air conditioning sales models in various regions according to different circumstances will be very different, so for the inventory of goods to grasp, and installed after purchase, remote distribution after repair services, consumers will be the first to consider the issue, but also an important reason for many online shopping platform does not have the ability to get involved.

currently high recognition of the B2C website, in the category of daily necessities, audio books as the main sales of Amazon, with audio books based on, 3C (mobile phone, digital, computer) sales of Jingdong in the whole mall, home appliances sales of, China newegg.

Suning online mall began to enter the China Internet B2C industry from the 05 years, but until this year, Su Ningcai to develop the network platform, invested tens of millions of optimized development and user experience of the website platform services, the development of the new system, to achieve national distribution, is constantly improving. From the website development maturity, the fledgling is not a fully mature B2C website, but behind the Suning Appliance does have a logistics service platform, customer service maturity, with these advantages, has omitted some pace the other well-known website to go a few years to complete, can said that from the beginning has been standing on the "giant" on the shoulders.

only from the air-conditioning sales,’s advantage is obvious to people, we know, Suning is used as an air conditioning sales started, the development of a national appliance chain sales company today, but it has been the pursuit of professional in the field of air-conditioning sales, installation and maintenance efforts to develop their own team, therefore, Su Ning has been very confident that as long as the sales of air conditioning Suning, Suning installed by. Su you as the network platform of Tesco also enjoy these advantages.

looking at the existing well-known sites, we can see at present in addition to other sites outside the Amazon have been the traditional home appliances (refrigerators, air conditioning, electric black, washing machine) sales, but we know that the traditional home appliance sales often for the site test is the largest, especially as a special category of a series of problems of air conditioning service this still exist in installation and maintenance of fluorine filling etc..

Dangdang and Jingdong mall, as one of the earliest B2>

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