All things Ali vied for multiple layout secondary cooperation

following the mobile Internet in order to reverse the trend of changing the pattern of the Internet industry, from smart wear, smart home to the Internet car, the concept of everything is sought after by the market. Many hardware vendors, networking urgent need to open up the industry chain platform. The day before, the Alibaba announced the launch of smart strategy, once again launched a business layout. Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, etc. are also building their own networking platform.

multivariate layout

Alibaba recently continued integration of the group’s business, starting from the day before the layout of smart appliances, intelligent life ecosystem. In 2015 the company strategic intelligence has just started, the Alibaba once again put a group to attack, visible its emphasis on the strategy.

it is understood that the Alibaba of intelligent life ecosystem, intelligent cloud will provide cloud storage technology, including links to provide all kinds of home appliances, "App" Ali Kathleen "sea plan" to provide software development, Tmall Electric City sales platform, Taobao raise public funds and incubators, ant gold clothing and rookie logistics coordination operation.

Ali Tmall Electric City General Manager India Wells said that intelligent life itself is a new line of business involves many fields, Ali is still adhering to the strategic thinking of the platform, the intelligent hardware manufacturers, software developers, entrepreneurial team on the downstream link, the future interconnection of all things, and these resources of Ali’s the next will be highlighted.

in fact, the Internet giants are at the level of things around their own business layout. Tencent uses the QQ platform and WeChat two advantages of the platform, with various intelligent hardware cooperation, given the hardware social attributes. Baidu focuses on the technical level, is currently LBS location services, voice recognition technology, image recognition technology, cloud storage services, which rely on the four intelligent hardware technology development.

cooperation supplemented by

in fact, only on the level of smart appliances, Haier, Midea and other hardware vendors themselves are doing things, Haier launched the Haier U+ smart home open platform. Ali official said, this strategy is to work with these hardware vendors, the two sides in the depth of user data to open up at the bottom to generate more data exchange.

Ali sees smart appliances for a reason, according to Ali big data, smart air conditioning rose 1331% last year, like other water heaters, gas stoves, refrigerators, air purifiers and other intelligent development is also very fast, the current sales in Tmall air-conditioning, 30% are intelligent products, this year is expected to grow 30%.

the most urgent need to address the current domestic networking is the link of intelligent devices, cloud computing and big data support is necessary." An intelligent hardware entrepreneurs admitted that BAT holding funds, users, technical resources, hardware vendors to cooperate with their data to help accelerate the expansion of the market.



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