Sea Amoy search engine does not buy chaos why positioning in fashion

what is the cross-border electricity supplier in the blue ocean


cross-border electricity supplier to apply the current fashion argument is called electricity supplier blue ocean". There is no doubt that the price of shopping and intense competition compared to the national electricity supplier endless, also a lot of opportunities and space block.

this opportunity is not only an increase in the number of products and user types, but also to provide customers with a more personalized service. This is even in the domestic electricity business has not yet been fully excavated, it is especially for cross-border electricity supplier.

I have done a long time industrial research, and then began to invest. Consumption upgrading has been I am very interested in the topic, my team and I have been concerned about the fashion consumption and scouring the sea rise for fashion consumption, and ultimately determine — do are scouring the sea search engine itself.

popular point, do not buy things like chaos in the tourism sector where the network, but we are in the field of vertical subdivision of the sea Amoy fashion electricity supplier.


has two questions need to be answered: first, why do the sea Amoy search engine, rather than the current hot cross-border electricity supplier website; second, why location "fashion" instead of milk diapers and other most popular consumer goods field.

vertical search value

current domestic cross-border electricity supplier pattern is what kind of


first is the Taobao global sea purchase, honey, honey street as the representative of the C2C model, by setting up the PC terminal or the mobile terminal business platform, to attract overseas buyers settled by purchasing goods overseas buyers for the user, and the certification and supervision of the buyer. But the user’s doubts about the quality of the product is still difficult to avoid, there are some hidden dangers after sales service.

second is the cross-border electricity supplier B2C model, such as honey bud baby, honey Amoy, Tmall international and SF scouring the sea, they are in the procurement of goods overseas after the sale to China users. This model of cross-border electricity supplier procurement capacity, channel identification and logistics process of risk management and control capabilities require higher. In addition, the expansion of the commodity category is slow, and it is difficult to get some official positioning from a higher brand.

third is a shopping guide + purchasing B2C model, that is, from the foreign shopping website to choose the goods displayed on their website, the user to purchase or purchase by the website. But in this mode, to avoid tariffs and save freight to maximize their own profits usually choose the sea Amoy website, usually the arrival time and customer service service to ensure the goods, even the true source and quality are suspect.

fourth sea Amoy website is to do shopping guide and discount information sharing pure service model, the current YISHION information sharing services based on what is worth buying, sea Amoy and other SNS forums to share community. Not chaos can be seen as a collection of fourth types of business models and search functions, while doing business model innovation. Simply put, is the user needs as the center, to provide cross brand, cross electricity supplier >

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