70 tabloid the four signal that your start up companies need to transition

introduction entrepreneurs need an important ability that is willing to change the business model or product form. Most of the successful start-up companies have experienced a process of transformation, although these are sounds simple, but to grasp the transformation of the signal, the need to pay attention to four points.


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four signals that your start-up companies need to transition

entrepreneurs need an important ability that is willing to change the business model or product form. Most successful startups have gone through a process of transformation, even though it sounds simple.

some successful transition companies:

Burbn, HTML5 application based on geographic location: > Instagram;

Game Neverending, a MMORPG online game – "Flickr";

Tune In Up Hook, a video dating site – "YouTube";

PDA payment services – "Paypal website payment tool

Odea, podcast platform – "Twitter

but judging whether your company should be in transition is a tough decision, then the following four signals may inspire you:

1 you are always in the education market

you may think that you are the pioneer in this market, and tap into the hidden value, but when you find that you need a lot of time to teach your target audience, it may be that you enter the market soon. This time may be able to shrink the front, from a vertical small field to try.

2 the first batch of users do not like your product

listen to the views of potential users is a good thing. 99.9% of the people are not Jobs, you can not completely ignore the user’s ideas. You may be afraid to hear some harsh criticism. But if the majority of users are responding to their products do not feel you, then it may be transformed.

3 you have seen investors do not want to invest in

if you have seen a large number of investors, but their views are negative. Of course, these views are mainly aimed at the product level. However, things are not absolute. For example, the founder of Pandora was rejected by more than 300 investors.

4 do everything for everyone

The ideal of the

product may be greater than you can control. Concentration is a good thing. Put the limited resources into one you can

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