Suning Tmall together to create New Buy 418 will play what tricks

days ago, many users found first-tier cities Street billboards, overnight change "418 calls together" cat Ning advertising, intriguing. Suning CEOO Hou Enlong said, in order to build the first half of the first home appliance to 3C for home court Business Festival, Suning Tmall both force in the "418" on the outdoor advertising costs reached more than 100 million. Obviously, Suning this year on the 418 determination, more violent than in previous years, and "New Buy418", but also reflects the same as in previous years, "418" is not the same.

Suning in "418" for 6 years, the results are very significant, Baidu index shows that around April 18th each year, "Baidu search times daily during the 418" showed a surge, and experienced a price war, "friends" sniper, but Su Ningdu 11 come across. This year’s "418" is approaching, Suning will play out what new tricks?

teamed up with Tmall to build a new industrial chain

Ali and Suning reached a strategic partnership for nearly six months, the two giants have been in close cooperation. At the moment, 418 big node, Tmall immediately stood out, and Suning stand on the United front. So, this year, 418 on the eve of the friends of the people who want to quiet more, after all, the two giants of anger and power, not everyone can afford. Suning and Tmall cooperation points include:

(1) data exchange, maximize the role of data. Data show that the membership users Suning + Tmall more than 600 million user data, Tmall own user portrait, Suning has online and offline user transaction data, can be smoothly opened, this is more conducive to the sales of the products, but also can realize the product reverse C2B customization. On both sides on the platform of the needs of users, to provide reverse to the supplier, supplier and factory cooperation, will be the most user needs products to consumers, only the physical data of the clever use of value only, otherwise the light is "dead" according to the number of useless, Ali data width and Suning data the depth of both joint, make the data more comprehensive.

(2) logistics collaboration, users can enjoy faster logistics speed. Logistics industry is not the same as the hardware manufacturers Moore law, but there is also the logistics sector evolution". In March, the Alibaba’s big data platform, logistics network rookie said that the launch of the day service in the 12 National City, launched the next day service in 90 city. Suning logistics since last September launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation and rookie network, rookie network related logistics technology promotion, Suning logistics also helps enhance the specific performance, reduce logistics costs, users can enjoy faster logistics speed. The "New Buy418", Su Ning said, will be launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou half day of the ultimate service experience.

(3) joint promotion, joint procurement. In previous years, Su Ning is singing

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