Malaysia My domain name officially open registration

Before the

.My domain name has been passed in Malaysia in early April officially open for registration. Now, April not to come. However, at present only in Malaysia local organizations and individuals open registration, which includes individual and local residents of Malaysia and Malaysia hold passports. Global open registration will be in it after November. Two level domain name suffix include suffixes.My and the following: – # applies to commercial organizations or activities of – # for network related organizations or activities of – # applicable to other classes outside the organization or activity of # – for Malaysia education organization # – for the Malaysia government organization – # applied to Malaysia military organization # – for Malaysia individual / natural people use

But according to

, the domestic domain name registrar jodns Internet claims, is closely related to their company and Malaysia registered institutions, now Chinese can also through their registration. Of course, we have been to the domestic domain name registrar skeptical. At registration price is 600 yuan per year. (according to my previous understanding, Malaysia domain name registration is 100 ringgit, estimated slightly, by 1 ringgit equals 2.1 yuan to count, is 200 yuan, 600 yuan is too hard a little. But also can think it through, what kind of new domain name out of all this, not to mention the Limited registered


although Malaysia is a small country, but the.My domain name suffix, quite attractive, everyone in the station today, highlighting the personality more in this domain. I checked in the official registration agencies, such as,,, and the like, of course, is already registered off. But most of them are only this morning registration, but I checked,, even has not been registered. (this is just to say this time, I issued a no doubt, not one or two days, will definitely be registered.)

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