When the meager income grassroots webmaster met earn 180 thousand of Taobao shop

I am a grassroots webmaster. Contact network is in 2000, of course, to do with grassroots webmaster positioning, but also in recent years things. The site has not done more than 20. Do stand for the enterprise also has certain. Of course, do not have access to the number of sites now available. The reason is that because I am not a professional webmaster. Is the interest, hobby, perhaps also thought through the website to make money.

topics mentioned make money, is what I want to say. Taobao shop is a very common thing, I never noticed before the shop keeper’s life is like? Recently is a simple number, so I am a little surprised. What time to sell the most money with a friend want ice butterfly tears chat 2010 Taobao store, she told a number of statements I.

I’d like to make a suggestion:

ready to engage in online business friends read carefully; have engaged in online business income but friends suggested reading work; looking for specialized in shop management projects to find friends read carefully. Housewives who want to engage in Taobao stores to prove that they do not go out to make money, please read. The shop is ready to give up the failure of the business is also advised to carefully read the end. Declare what this article is purely personal opinions, such as opinions can be provided, don’t take my bricks. I was beat halo over brick. If you want to promote the exchange of Taobao shop experience of a friend can add my QQ:1014379298 (indicate the purpose, otherwise it will not pass).

The point said to


(a) the number of shops, the shop is the largest number of women / women / children’s clothing boutique, is 35434, in the first row; two to five were: Cosmetics / perfume / skin care products, 18277; jewelry / watches / glasses, 18182; / / food / household appliances logistics, 11795; computer networks and related equipment 11057, these types of goods is 53.8% of the total number of shops. The above data shows that this kind of goods in Taobao is very popular, it is the market, but also that the competition of the commodity. (two) from the perspective of the number of diamond shops, the largest diamond shop is the cosmetics / perfume / skin care category, 1015, the proportion was 5.6% in the category of goods (refer to the proportion of the same below); respectively for women / women’s boutique / children’s clothes, 983, 2.8%; virtual goods / equipment / game 776, game peripherals, the proportion of 17.5%; jewelry / watches / glasses, 501, 2.8% of the proportion of household appliance; / / food / logistics, 371, the proportion of 3.1%. It is not difficult to see, virtual goods / equipment / game game peripherals sell best, most likely on the diamond and diamond shops, the proportion is as high as 17.5%! Five Diamond shop has 8, accounting for 72.7% of the total number of five drill!! four drill, the number three are the most boring!! no heart class shops accounted for only this category 16%, far below the level shops did not mind 31.4%>

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