To solve the pain of Tesco cross border electricity supplier logistics distribution service business

in recent years, cross-border electricity has become a hot item in the tide of Internet entrepreneurs, many capital bigwigs have involved in this industry, especially in the country in 2016 NPC and CPPCC supports a clear signal, gave the industry a shot in the arm. The current cross-border electricity supplier has become the fastest growing areas of China’s import and export trade.


for practitioners, the nature of cross-border electricity or electricity supplier, but by domestic commercial activities into international commercial activities, so that businesses especially for logistics and distribution services cross-border electricity headache and enhance the quality requirements. In the recent cross-border electronic business platform in the United States than with a comparable Tesco Mall East delivery service was unanimously recognized by the consumers and businesses, so the mall is how to solve the problem of logistics distribution service service as the cross-border electricity supplier logistics. " reporter learned that the United States as Tesco platform for cross-border electricity supplier mall is a professional American goods purchasing services for the domestic online shopping of people, the logistics service platform highlights the domestic logistics market. After purchasing businesses overseas through the logistics channel of foreign products will be transported to the domestic, as the professional line mall Tesco express logistics began to play a role. Tesco was aware of the importance of cross-border electricity consumer satisfaction for the long-term stable development of the platform, so to build the domestic logistics market delivery of quality spare no effort.


of Tesco mall and domestic express brand in-depth strategic cooperation, has more than 20 thousand outlets under the line and more than 300 thousand dedicated courier logistics lines, covering the size of the domestic city. In the logistics lines, each package of the mall will be Tesco special priority delivery, and provides online shopping can spot unpacking inspection, check items, and build the express service evaluation system, and decided to send pieces of income according to customer satisfaction. Through this line distribution, effectively enhance the mall’s quality of service delivery, to improve the user’s online shopping mall enthusiasm and trust has a positive influence, a good foundation for long-term healthy development of the platform.

as a platform for cross-border electricity supplier, with overseas business product resources is just a beginning, this is the most of the business platform can be completed, and perfect and high quality service delivery is also an important factor in determining the long-term development of cross-border electronic business platform, so as the mall with Tesco domestic high-quality logistics service system no doubt the competition in the same industry have been achieved in the initiative, so the platform can in the cross-border electricity supplier industry also can reasonably explain the talent shows itself.

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