Buy a cell phone can also fight the group you buy the fight on the mall line

news March 24th, the four major domestic mobile phone state contractor aisidi shares (002416) of its mobile business from your purchase, announced by your purchase Mission to fight mall officially launched.


, according to the aspects of the introduction of your purchase, the on-line fight group features, rich platform functionality services to provide consumers with more favorable shopping choices. Do you purchase the genuine digital mobile phone sale will last, selling a single product in different groups to fight the mall every day, then the price in hundred yuan digital accessories to fight groups, hundreds of thousands of mobile phone can also fight.

in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers to buy, most of the goods are more than the price of the game store on the mobile client 7-9 discount. At the same time, the group also supports mall group recommended, the system initiative to help you find a fight group needs of users, there is no friend around the shopping needs, the situation can not be delayed into the group will be greatly improved.


you purchase with aisidi business support, initially on the line platform for mobile phone price advantage, quickly captured a large number of purchase needs of consumers. At the same time, by virtue of the distribution model of the platform, each registered by the user you buy, you can purchase in the purchase of all the goods to open their own store distribution platform, the profits can be adjusted, visual, desirable. Has become the owner of the user, you can also invite friends to join you to buy, to become their partners, partners, each selling a commodity, two people can get a certain amount of sales profits. Focus on the development of shared economic model, you buy and consumers to build a continuous extension of the network.


will fight in WeChat mall set the subscription number (yngdyh). The purpose is to use WeChat’s platform, users will fight for social welfare to share, so that consumers more rapid access to the brand.

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