Gomez peer you are not far from the liar stand

must do the hook to make money no wonder Wurenbuxiao, Gomez peer, the software was even a hook to make money make friends think is the most profitable onhook software. But I think this Gomez peer onhook software is one of the most money all hang in the software, but also a know only make friends and never consider paying to hang up the China unturned trick make friends continue to give you up,

to briefly talk about this Gomez peer hook to make money make money software principle, Gomez peer and many domestic software hook money is different from the mainstream, hang up the domestic software such as: sardines, Muzi Union, my little little pioneer is the use of IP principle to the site visits injection rate, this way that listening is the brush flow. But the hook to make money as long as you are doing the onhook software does not exist to activate the account, linked to the official payment points will be able to apply for payment, like sardines, Muzi Union, click on the flow of the home, the little pioneer reputation is good, after 72 hours to sell to the official account, I have been collecting. But the Gomez peer hook, you register an account useless, also require you to use the free Gomez peer account for research on their so-called network hang, less than a month, more than N months. When you hang up hang up a few months later, Gomez peer still won’t give you activate your account, but will send e-mail to you, big meaning "in your area have better hang up for our users provide network research, we are temporarily unable to activate your account, but as long as you continue to hang up or we will give you the activation".

Gomez peer send this mail to you is to hang up, don’t give your account activation, account money cleared, ask you to wait for the next opportunity. Gomez peer, which means very insidious, you don’t need to hang the user of this kind of area, but when you registered, he did not come to the thought of a SB for free we hang up. Although the Gomez peer onhook software can hook side side of the Internet, but every time I start the software, hard disk to some crunchy in about 30 seconds, to bring up the task manager, the Gomez peer 25M probably ate my memory. The Gomez peer hook is not calculated in accordance with the remuneration calculated you one day how much time you hang up, but the actual effective time, effective time I hung 10 hours 15 minutes, 10 hours before I hang up 1 cents, and electricity costs account for memory not to activate, now think Gomez peer is really very hateful.

Gomez peer is 07 years into the China hook, I admit that in 07~08 years is a lot of activation account, but the start of the 09 year, China coastal city Adsl users rarely been activated, unless you are a type of western region China or other access network that may be activated. For those ADSL Chinese coastal cities earn friends, I advise you to give up Gomez pee>

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