Japan UNQLO leisure concept store Uniqlo Move it is still firmly to fast fashion

everyone wants to tear up the "fast fashion" label.


fast fashion brand (Uniqlo) recently announced the launch of Uniqlo Move lifestyle concept store in japan. The new store is located in Tokyo and adjacent to the Shinjuku Takashimaya department stores, sporting goods, health and beauty and other activities, and will be opened in March this year. This move is to cater to the worldwide tide of "leisure" is also regarded as the dismal performance of borrowed new concepts and new image boost Japan uniqlo.

UNIQLO parent company (Fast Retailing) – pin group has just released the announcement, in January 2017 Japan UNIQLO same store sales fell 2.5%, has fallen for six consecutive months. In the domestic market retreat is not a good thing, after all, more than 1 thousand and 600 stores in the world, with more than half in japan. Compared to the European market is hard to create awareness, Japan and greater China is the most robust position of uniqlo.

it is reported that the appearance of the upcoming Uniqlo Move concept store is only 75 square meters, divided into sportswear and leisure clothing area, which will be in accordance with the sports apparel and theme classification. In addition to the sales and display products, this shop is equivalent to a "Information Center", to provide suggestions for the customer wear small, to tell people how to wear comfortable and UNIQLO vitality.

is worth mentioning, LifeWear series of products under the UNIQLO stores continue to launch, in order to strengthen the "way of life" and "leisure" concept of positioning. In 2016, UNIQLO launched a global first "service philosophy." (The Science of Lifewear) as the theme of the ad, trying to trigger "why people dress" thinking to spread the brand concept, UNIQLO hope to provide more warm, lighter products, for people to bring a better design and more comfortable.

, in fact, as early as in 2013 launched the "service for life" (Lifewear) series, and the show from the fast fashion camp determination. UNIQLO CEO Ryui Seiso said: "generally speaking, the most important thing in the fashion industry is faster than others. But in UNIQLO, we pursue something completely different: a new, unique clothing category. This idea is implemented in Lifewear, which means high quality, affordable and comfortable daily clothing."

this determination is also reflected in the production process. According to foreign media reports, when they complete the production and distribution of Zara in just two weeks, become the world’s largest apparel brand in the fashion trend of the rapid reaction strategy, Uniqlo is on the opposite road — a year ahead of production plan. In addition, it also increased the development and application of new materials, and their fiber manufacturer in Dongli group to establish strategic cooperation > off

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