Give the gospel product information ranking

often update or retransmission information, make each time your information rankings are front! There are many Alibaba and HC above products, when you search for a keyword, except for outside of product information, can be ranked in what position you? When you search for a keyword product information, product information is the default ranking rules are sorted according to release time, update the later more information in the front row.

for network providers, may not always release new information, so the business center "retransmission" function is to solve the problem of the weapon. It can be published and has no need to make any changes to the product information posted on the Internet, direct update, replace the existing information on the Internet, and there will be no duplication of content. The retransmission information can make your business or product information ranking.


said to me in the morning to give a lot of information, repeat again, but over time a look, information is not in the front, but the information retransmission function every day can only use the same time,

can do?

is here to tell you a secret, you can put your information into a few number of retransmissions, timing bulk retransmission, not once finished, if you have time, the best 10 minutes once you want to publish in the top of the product (Note: in the title must contain the keywords you want the), because the Alibaba product information is updated every 10 minutes, and to the end of 5 in every time before, such as 8:05, 8:15, 8:25, 8:35, 8:45…… So, you can ensure that each time the row in front of the information you have the information! Our company (Henan Boda microwave equipment limited liability company) are basically in accordance with the law of retransmission, like search keywords, microwave equipment, drying equipment category, basically our products can be ranked on the first page.

retransmission legend: Business Center – publishing business opportunities – business opportunities – issued business opportunities, please retain the Copyright: Chinese home owners.

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