Network rampant fakes who had heavy penalties is only wishful thinking

recently exposed the Jingdong "fake" event, let more users begin to pay attention to the network fake problem, in fact, the Jingdong selling is not the case, in fact, as early as in the past few years, Dangdang, Taobao and all kinds of vertical type electric providers have appeared fake case, although the business platform has been advertised and resolutely put an end to selling the franchisee. Or even improve the franchisee margin, thus giving a certain deterrent to the franchisees, but selling high profit still makes many franchisees especially the luxury goods industry rush into danger, even more so, because the cost of profits is enough to offset the luxury goods business platform margin.

so when Jingdong dished out selling franchisees fined millions of dollars from the essence of rhetoric, it is difficult to realize, to know the Jingdong deposit currently only 10 thousand yuan, while the Taobao Tmall margin but also tens of thousands of yuan. The franchisee selling several luxury goods, such as an authentic Hermes needs 100 thousand yuan, while the cost of fraud may only need a few thousand dollars, selling one or two product is enough to make the investment before this, in this huge background, nature will make a lot of business with the Au rush into danger.

for high-end products, fake abuse has become a trend, and for the low-end goods is clearly a get out of hand, especially Taobao market is even more so, and fake matching and all kinds of business corruption, such as many businesses through Juhuasuan sell products, in order to get a better position. The waiter will often give a bribe. Through Juhuasuan platform for selling fake products, these exposure cases are described in the current Internet fake presents the trend of the spread, but the trend is who?

essentially, or because of lack of regulatory effect of electricity sales, because the electricity supplier is more goods through the picture display, and then to the user, the user is not fully observed before the purchase, it is very difficult to carry out self false verification, some rules of these business platform established there are some loopholes, so that these fake a possible sale. So rampant fakes, in fact, this is the current electricity supplier environment, and not a bad individual behavior of the manufacturers.

then from this background, the Jingdong launched a heavy tone, want to control the electricity supplier and selling itself is a futile act, for me, is posturing, simply can not put into practice. Really want to control method, on one hand by improving the legal rights of way, for selling businesses can effectively back, until selling businesses pay the price. On the other hand, electronic business platform to repair their own vulnerabilities, rather than some huminghuan vulnerabilities as their money making tools, which provides convenient ways for selling behavior.

only from the system to improve, purify supplier shopping atmosphere, to turn the tide. To know the reason why the rapid development of electricity providers, not only to rely on low-cost products, more important is to rely on the price of the product

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