Electricity supplier promotion war and then Jingdong jointly launched Tencent challenge Ali

with the help of a new round of electricity supplier promotion war, Jingdong jointly launched a challenge to Ali Tencent. Economic Information Daily reporters learned from Jingdong, Jingdong recently announced a series of promotional measures, including various types of red envelopes through WeChat and mobile Q Q promotions, as well as a variety of clothing discount. In this regard, insiders said that Jingdong in this round of promotional measures in the war is highly targeted, it is obvious to try to challenge Ali’s market position.

Jingdong and Ali in the field of electricity supplier competition has become increasingly intense, Jingdong body mass and market share is also a certain gap with ali. However, after obtaining the strategic investment and resource support Tencent, Jingdong’s electricity supplier strategy for Ali made obvious adjustments. At present, the competition among electricity providers have been from the traditional PC to transfer to the mobile terminal, the Jingdong has teamed up with the Tencent, Ali implemented a card battle.

industry insiders said, after the Tencent and Ali in the mobile terminal competition has always existed, and tit for tat. In the Tencent strategic investment Jingdong, and business integration of its electricity supplier Jingdong, WeChat and mobile phone Q Q became an important position of the joint Jingdong Tencent against Ali Alipay wallet and mobile phone Taobao.

In addition to

mobile providers, Jingdong will also to Taobao and Tmall launched the attack on the clothing category". According to Jingdong, in addition to the clothing category has been upgraded to a strategic height, the recent promotion, will also launch a series of clothing brand promotions. As everyone knows, the main force of Taobao, Tmall is the site of clothing, the latest data Analysys display, the second quarter of 2014, the scale of B2C China clothing trading market reached 87 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of 47.2%, strong growth; share, Tmall ranked first with 74.3%, while the Jingdong share is only about 5%. It is worth noting that, according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data, in 2013, China’s apparel retail sales reached 2 trillion yuan, but the electricity supplier penetration of only about 10%.

Jingdong introduced this year, 618 promotional period, Jingdong with the promotion, market share reached 5.2%, for the first time beyond the vip.com’s $5.1%, ranking among the class of electricity supplier market share of second.

market participants believe that this round will not make too many promotional Ali targeted response, but look at this year’s overall strategy, Ali attaches great importance to the mobile terminal, believe in the double eleven promotion period, launched heavyweight promotions, launched a "counterattack to other electricity providers, including Jingdong".

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