Electricity supplier account security issues highlighted

Securities Times reporter Wen Tai

After 3 months of bitter

, Mr. Shenzhen Dangdang account finally recovered a few days ago. Surprisingly, the amount of the amount of its gift card gift card has been stolen and used to buy a discount of more than 400 yuan before the baby supplies, and the recipient of the goods he did not know and far away in Wuhan. Kim told reporters, Wuhan week to introduce him to her, the other side of the transaction is a seller of Taobao, and the real name authentication.

according to the reporter, March 19, 2012, Mr. Kim received dangdang.com SMS notification, "individual accounts dangdang.com gift card theft criminals, in order to user accounts and financial security, dangdang.com will freeze the gift card user account and the balance from March 19th to March 21st, during this and allow the user to modify the login password. Yet Mr Kim is trying to login prompt the user name does not exist. Call customer service after being told to wait for notification, but has no reply.

Kim told reporters, last week, President Li Guoqing message dangdang.com he had at micro-blog to inform the matter, after two days of dangdang.com No. 4236 customer service staff to contact him, and help them to restore the account. The dangdang.com transaction records show that the last transaction on May 24th at 9:33 in the morning to confirm the success, because Mr. Kim dangdang.com account balance of 303 yuan is not enough to pay for the goods shipped with Alipay also pay an additional 35 yuan. Mr. Kim analysis, Pirates of the card should be the amount of money through the theft of Dangdang online shopping, and then sold in Taobao cash".

Customer service center

dangdang.com Zhang Yu told reporters, dangdang.com since the last pilfer date after the incident has been reported to the police. The reason why there has been no progress, because the vast majority of Dangdang fraudulent goods receipt per capita is said to be in the QQ group to buy the activities of the purchase, and there is no specific transaction information to each other. So this time to get the counterparty’s personal information, I believe it will play a key role in the detection of the case. However, she told reporters that before the case cracked, Dangdang will not compensate the loss of stolen customers.

in fact, electricity supplier gift card sales to improve the cash flow of electricity supplier companies have an important role. Electricity supplier experts Gong Wenxiang believes that the electricity supplier for the enterprise, gift card sales and popularity will make its sales model from cash on delivery payment for money after the first change, capital occupation pressure greatly reduced. In addition, because Alipay accounted for nearly 90% of the domestic online trading market, other electricity providers to get rid of the constraints, also hope that through their sales of gift cards to establish their own trading system, if consumers fully trust the gift card account security not, may affect the sales promotion in a certain extent.

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