A preliminary study on the professional competition of industry vertical portal

The advantages and disadvantages of

are discussed in the business model of electronic commerce in China, there has been the so-called integrated vertical portal portal and the pros and cons of the dispute, is still large and fine, the views of the parties unable to agree on which is right. The rapid development of domestic e-commerce, especially the influence of Chinese chemical network, network, etc. China clothing textile industry vertical portal rise, specialization theory was well respected, a time of the industry vertical e-commerce sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, such as the input "365 yarn net" column in IE? Then, all of a sudden to emerge not under thirty different name under the banner of the similar portal. Almost every hot industry will have dozens of vertical portals of the same type, its momentum is feeling is to replace the momentum of comprehensive portal.


B2B vertical e-commerce platform from its extensive industry knowledge, the knowledge of the industry is not only a thorough understanding of the professional knowledge necessary for the industry, but also should be grasp the latest trends of the industry, the latest achievements of science and technology knowledge.

industry access to resources through the industry association, the industry of the latest dynamic and rich industry information; also can through the exhibition industry, B2B e-commerce website is intended to provide a bridge between businesses for sale, and the exhibition to exhibition organizers, exhibitors, the audience and the opportunity to communicate with each other, in a Convention extent is an information market.


industry is the main question, usingconcisely to explain the problem clearly, but if you want to describe the issue or to express their views, the website can provide answers to these needs such a platform. This will not only make the website information question more orderly, but also to enable members to pay more attention to the release of information, thus forming a personal marketing effect, which both the individual and the company has a very good publicity effect.

industry vertical portal in the information services industry, although the accuracy of depth is better than the comprehensive portal, information coverage rate is a important index to evaluate the B2B level of service platform, no information or information too little will not stick to the user. The 365 yarn network with its own strength out of the plight of the site, so that in a short period of time to get a lot of business awareness.

can be seen on the basis of the professional characteristics and advantages of vertical B2B e-commerce sites, but also the primary factor in the choice of vertical B2B e-commerce website. Therefore, if the professional foot effort from top to bottom, between the e-commerce business model competition developed from the initial portal only — to professional segment changes appear, the future only comprehensive portal and vertical portal strengths, to develop a broad market for e-commerce users.

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