Flower electricity supplier spend some time for the movie star Gao Yuanyuan investment

today, hunting cloud network reported every Monday Flower brand "spend some time" to announce a new round of investment for the movie star Gao Yuanyuan.

is reported that the investment has been completed in March this year, spend some time is the first investment in the field of Gao Yuanyuan in the field. Next, take the time to plan for the development of urban women’s multi category products, and accelerate the layout of industry chain of flowers, women become the FMCG sector as a whole set of supply chain channels, brands, products of the company.

time is an Internet flower B2C network retail brand, launched on October 2015, through the "every Monday pre + purchase cycle" flower business model, to provide flowers home services for users, has accumulated more than 2 million users.

In addition to

founder Zhu Yueyi, spend some time team members include: Liu Minjia and Jia Jia Lan Lan is before the car is easy to shoot 2C division general manager, has spent some time COO post, responsible for the overall operation of the company; Liu Minjia is the former Puma Puma Chinese North China Engineering Department General manager, is responsible for product design spend some time.

is different from many star investors, spend some time with Gao Yuanyuan himself to this cooperation are relatively low-key. This is related to the company’s strategy, there is no deliberate promotion, there is no deliberate concealment." Spend some time Zhu Yueyi said, "the past is a gift of flowers, flowers are now life. I hope to have a brand, to the busy city people, bring joy and happiness. The circle is warm, happy, bright, cherish each warm moment, with a little time to spend very fit."

as the first investment cooperation, spend some time with Gao Yuanyuan jointly launched on the eve of Thanksgiving custom "natural" theme bouquet.

take the time to create an exclusive reputation products "flower theme flower series every Monday, every Monday week different flowers. 52 weeks a year, with a bouquet of flowers with different themes from the 52, to provide users with differentiated experience. The time spent with Gao Yuanyuan and the joint launch of the "natural" theme flower is also among them.

except Gao Yuanyuan, spend some time had already received several rounds of investment, including investment capital, Castle Peak plum angels, clean capital and other well-known investment institutions, the amount of financing will not disclose.

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