Domain name registration industry fierce competition in the field of domain name investment

with the CN domain name and COM domain name of the resource depletion, domestic registration competition is fierce, a number of small and medium-sized registered business is not good.

CNNIC in order to promote the registration and use of CN domain name, CN registered substantial growth. Data show that in the first half of 2008 the highest growth rate of the number of domain names, the annual growth rate of 61.8%, has reached 14 million 850 thousand. Engaged in two years of 1 yuan CN registration activities forced the domestic domain name registrar suffered a lot of profit pressure. Smaller contractors are beset with difficulties. International domain names and CN domain names have been faced with the risk of resource depletion, available for the registration of valuable domain names continue to reduce. Domain investment industry prices fell, trading and prices both shrink. Austria net is in the domain name registration A new force suddenly rises. industry, the number of registered users and is growing.

I think the Olympic Tennis in the domain name registration in the fierce competition in the industry downturn in Yong success four reasons: first, Austria net to avoid the domain name registration single industry competition pattern, the competition in the field of small but deep blue ocean. Olympic Tennis launched the world for more than 80 registered domain name suffix, involving more than and 60 countries. The domestic registrar is still stuck in the name of the domain name suffix COM/NET/CN above. Second, the Olympic tennis is a real domain investor and characteristics of enterprise service domain registrar. Have all the permissions in the domain management domain name registration Austria net, no need to bear the domain name, turn out, modify the problem etc.. While the other registrar is the control of the domain name management rights, can not modify the registration information, can not be transferred online, not easy to transfer and other issues. Olympic Tennis gives users really all the domain name management authority and technical services. Third, the domain name registration price Austria net can be said to be the lowest in the country, such as India commercial domain CO.IN registered price is only 75 yuan, and other general price registrars to provide this service in more than 300 yuan. The price advantage is obvious, Austria net like SUPOR pressure cooker, although has a huge share advantage but still adhere to low-cost strategy. Fourth, Austria net provides professional and efficient technical support and customer service.

The rise of the

Olympic Tennis led the domestic domain name investors in other countries registered the domain name suffix. Domain name registration and will be a new market boom. At present, the number of institutions to register the domain name suffix is not much, a lot of very valuable suffix (.IN/CO.IN/.TW/.COM/.TW/.HK/.SG/.COM.SG/.JP/.BE/.RU/.ES, etc.) there are many high-quality domain name is not registered. This is a very rare opportunity for domain name investors. At present, China is still lagging behind the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Korea and other countries in the domain name investment industry.

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