Google announced Shanghai Tianqing as its channel agents

In December 12th, Sina announced the Google Francisco Shanghai Tianqing Information Technology Co., Ltd. into its authorized dealers in China, in the Shanghai area agent Google AdWords keyword advertising service.

Google AdWords keyword advertising is Google’s main revenue model, advertising in the form of "sponsor link" appears in the search results page on the right side, the search results on the left are relatively independent.

Google in foreign countries, mainly through direct sales of Google AdWords keyword advertising, in China is to take the direct and the coexistence of agents, and Google’s competitors in China, similar to Baidu. However, Baidu has begun to cancel Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities agency channels, instead of doing direct sales, only to take the agency model in the smaller market.

Google has previously powered, in Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangdong resources, Beijing rushed to the era of mobile Internet, Zibolan, Hangzhou Netcom, Shenzhen City, Suzhou universal search Soubide, Chengdu Pangu, Changzhou in the century, Wuhan dragon age more than ten national or regional agents.

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