Gong Haiyan talk about online education why do this two entrepreneurial transformation


two business to online education, I first do is "91 teachers". At that time, foreign teachers feel low threshold, do it quickly. When I was investing, I found Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang. But Wang Qiang think foreign teachers market small, no investment. It has a great influence on me. Wang Qiang is a New Oriental master of oral English, he did so long, his judgment should be more accurate. I began to consider the direction of adjustment, the final choice of K12 (basic education stage) in this area, do a ladder network". China has 200 million of primary and secondary school students to learn the spoken language is less and scattered, the New Oriental spoken it accounted for 2% of the revenue share. It’s the two time that I’ve started a business, and I’m looking for a bigger space for imagination.

change direction there is a reason that the threshold is too low foreign teachers. 91 foreign teachers after the launch, the feeling of a night out of the more than and 100 similar enterprises, competition is very fierce. We are now doing a "ladder" is a platform product, difficult operation, capital access threshold is high, no qualification in millions, tens of millions of. My past ten years of experience and resources will have a great advantage. And do the 91 foreign teachers, I and a first-time entrepreneur, there will not be much advantage.

Problems and opportunities in the field of

K12 education

before doing ladder network, we have done a lot of market research around. I feel the whole K12 education field, the first problem is the uneven distribution of quality education resources. Why Wudaokou will become the center of the universe, the price of one square meter to one hundred thousand dollars, because there is a better school. Parents have a lot of advice, but also a deep frustration.

second is left behind children’s problems are particularly serious. In my hometown, some schools are more than 2/3 left behind children, a large number of boarding schools. I also found a phenomenon in the investigation, the left behind children’s home, in fact, there is a computer and the network, because the evening to the field of video chat with mom and dad. His parents also want to participate in the child’s learning process, but do not participate in, if the Internet, left behind children’s parents can grasp the child’s learning. The students’ homework, students can see the test error, parents can see. Online education can really let the children of migrant workers, but also to enjoy high-quality educational resources.

I believe that online education is the most effective way to achieve educational equity. At the same time, personalized education also needs to be completed through the internet.

does not consider earnings early, the first development of user

in the course of the investigation, the teachers have said that the best children do not need us to manage, the worst performance of the children we can not manage, we will be in the middle of the. Classroom education can not take into account the individual differences, online education can do this supplement. In the past, this difference is made up of a variety of private tutoring agencies, but under the line, the data is not really visible, it can not be data analysis.


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