Said he graduated from the station to do some ideas

do make money is no longer what fresh means of livelihood, now have a lot of friends on the living, and like me, a graduate began to site is not in the minority. Although compared to the workers, do more free time, also do not see the face of the boss, but the stationmaster industry you are not blowing air conditioning at home, drinking cold drinks will be able to make money during the good, we have to pay a lot of hard work. In recent years, they are more or less engaged in their own industry has a certain understanding.

good development projects can quickly copy the development, but do not impatient

The success of

Facebook means that the advent of the era of social, and Zuckerberg’s entrepreneurial ideas are simply to create a convenient platform for communication. It is such a simple idea, complemented by efficient action, Facebook will become the social networking site No.1. You may think this from us very far, I said that the 2009 Taobao customer, when Taobao customer development is just the start of competition is not so fierce, a personal effort, while operating 5 sites is no problem, and then stick to have earned enough capital, tell us the inner and outer entrepreneurial Wangzhuan experience, is now a highly efficient era for Wangzhuan ideas, we must immediately put into action, first come first served, but this does not mean the conversion of seemingly good project will be fearless for entrepreneurship. As the hot side Witkey website, a friend, in the A5 group purchase a Witkey website template management, business but it is another story, not registered members, no business development tasks, the website dead, soon closed. In fact, failure is a reasonable thing, although convenient Witkey websites can be as much as possible using the power of the Internet to release the task, but the Witkey website runs, the ads all over, the winning mode for participating member is unfair and cheat draft incident out of their money to the seemingly delicious cake changed. The development potential of this, too impatient to get involved in is not a rational behavior.


is not only the Internet webmaster Wangzhuan, rational use of resources under the line

many friends will say Wangzhuan is actually a "net" based on the Internet, we will not lose the power of all development, this word is right, but in the current Wangzhuan is not proper nouns of the Internet, especially Baidu long crazy, we cannot put all their hopes in the search engine to bring traffic and ranking. At least in my opinion, the website development to a certain extent, we should contact their offline resources, such as you do the clothing agent, through the web site on the Internet we can build a good platform, but always give others sell profit must be very passive, so if we can contact line the manufacturer for self production + self sales model, marketing costs will reduce a lot, in fact it has been verified in Taobao.

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