Kyszz How did make 100 in 7 days

for a long time did not write articles on AD5. Every day to see AD5 people who say they are very profitable, they also use their testing methods are outdated but many projects now operate still can earn a little money but I suggest that you do not have the time or energy to do the best. Why I don’t say I want to. Tonight, I want to share with you a practical way to make money. This method is suitable for rain to do novice GG. Don’t look down the prawns. You really have to look at me.

believes that many friends are doing GG advertising alliance. I don’t explain what GG is. Do not know Baidu.

first of all, you want to own the site, the domain name must be com, because it is to do English stand (if you do with the CN station GG is regarded as cheating), a lot of people are aware of the English advertising price is a few times better than the chinese. But I believe that a lot of people do not stand in the English class money, why?

it’s not that you don’t have to work hard to promote your articles. The key is that there is no temptation. You can refer to my station with a blog program to change a template, and now because the record all the articles into chinese. On the left is a list of articles, in the middle is a huge temptation to the right of the picture is 600× 160 skyscraper GG advertising. (to program friends can contact me completely free to send 77718056 QQ group stated purpose). The site will do a good job in the background to change the site information, all into English, a Chinese do not. Then find GG high key words published in English (such as English), such as weight loss, host, foreign exchange of some key words advertising unit price is very high. Procedures in the middle of the picture can do a more attractive (to grasp a degree Oh carefully caught). The next step is the most critical — flow?

I was using QQ MSN and other chat rooms to do traffic, I used a very high level membership number into the QQ chat room of the QQ name and individuals that are elegant in the chat room! There are a lot of people and I. I do not look at the general look at the information in what position. QQ also uses a version that can display the location. I usually add foreign friends. If you are lucky, you can add 20 to one day. And then talk to her after he said he was a little busy, or to ask him to help you click on the right side of the site of the blue word specifically how to look at yourself. When I talk to them, they usually help me with my ad. In fact, users in China can help you point, but the price is slightly higher than in foreign countries, but still higher than the Chinese station. Now QQ chat rooms closed the webmaster can also use the same method to use MSN or other chat software.

ha ha in this way I can earn 20 knives a day. Finally, if you do not have a large amount of traffic on the site, then click on the rate of a certain degree of scary suggest that you use the website to automatically refresh the software to brush PV click rate control in 0.2 can be the same

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