Do a good job of Taobao user experience allows you to fill the pot full

Taobao passenger rise for several years, and the beginning of the situation is a good, when it comes to the feeling that Taobao customers want to make money. But with the influx of Taobao guest Wangzhuan army, consisting of a piece of blue ocean before turning to red sea.

here I think before many novice friends to ask me questions, for example: Taobao customers have future? Taobao off too many people do, can do? This is a question I have answered, certainly promising, certainly can do, just not so good to do.

said that Taobao customers do not have a good reason:

first is the large influx of Wangzhuan, Taobao again, product variety is limited, a lot of people in order to grab some of the better products are most willing to squeeze head broken and bleeding. This is bound to lead to a lot of competition between Taobao customers.

second point is now the consumer groups, although increasing, but compared to a few years ago, it seems difficult to serve a lot. Plus now spread a single page, leads to the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, so the conversion rate of decline is a normal thing every single.

The Taobao customer to a relatively simple

before, after doing guest Taobao know, Taobao customers far did not imagine that simple, contains the key is too much when you have a list, probably selected products, choose keywords, website (user experience), promotion (the seo+ he drainage technique) business, check…… The one or two sentence is really not clear.

tell us about the user experience, user experience should be a commonplace talk of an old scholar but many people do not, note that a transaction flow naturally generated, this view until they do stand, flow up until after the change, they will find that although the traffic is not many, but basically what the transaction, a month back a few hundred dollars. Analysis of the site was found to be a problem with the user experience.

I can clearly tell you that

is a single page station is past, you should change the majority of Taobao customers think user experience this problem, consumers are very smart, their online shopping experience has been very rich, some formalism on the province to province. In addition consumers also have feelings, our website layout, must be able to narrow the gap between the consumer and the distance from us, and the article do not capture, don’t write some aliens can read the text, the best is the original manual update. In addition the webmaster’s personal life best can be incorporated into the site, such as writing some life Zatan, put their pictures up, put QQ up like, because this can make consumers a sense of trust, the trust on the website of the conversion rate is very important.

Taobao guest details of many, one by one to write estimates will be tired of the dead. Do share with you so much, in fact I belong to Taobao customers later, if there is what’s wrong, please master. If a friend, there is something that I said, so we encourage each other. If there is a novice to see, then I hope to help

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