Taobao customers to know how to use a single page to earn 300 yuan

is now a lot of Taobao guest friends, there is a misunderstanding, that is, Taobao customers to make money is very simple.

has seen more than one friend, the world’s hair Taobao promotion link. I think this can make money, I do not know most of the work is done. Because you made countless such links, nor will you have any meaningful weight, and if Taobao’s policy change, then you do these connections, mostly in free publicity for Taobao, and you won’t have too much income.

so much promotion link, I dare not say that no one can make money, but there is certainly a lot of people redouble your efforts, only a little income.

so I recommend that you do a static page or a single page. Do not need to use fees can also, for example, can apply to a number of blog sites can be customized blog space can also be. In this case, on the one hand, the stability of the blog space, in addition, in terms of search engines, his weight is much higher than the ordinary personal space.

there are a lot of blog, Baidu and Google search engine will be seconds included. The personal space domain site, often for several weeks or even months to be included, and are likely to fall into the sandbox.

but if you put all the goods to sell your blog, you can doing propaganda, promotion of single page links to you, if the day after Taobao customer changes, or you do not Taobao customers, to do other business, you can modify a single page or blog page to permanent effect, do not give up halfway.

in addition, Baidu will give you a single page to bring the appropriate ranking. If the optimization is good, but also can get the favor of Baidu, a day to give you hundreds of thousands of IP might.

there is, if you send a link, then the link is relatively long, easy to let others dislike. The individual promotion page is different, the link is relatively short, even the blog, but also a two domain name, but also to promote the link to dozens of characters to be shorter.

also not excessive superstition dynamic station, only the use of a dynamic web site for the convenience of users, in fact, relatively speaking, if can realize static, Baidu, Taobao, the 58 task network advertising them, will choose the static. Because static has a better advantage, he is more favored by search engines. I have done a few static pages, personal feeling, his speed is far greater than the collection of dynamic pages. And now a lot of sites are also gradually achieve pseudo static. So do not have a misunderstanding, that the dynamic page is better than the static page.

of course, it is necessary to adhere to. Some friends only for a month, certainly will not have income. Some insist on not having much income for several months. Don’t give up too early, persistence is the most important., remember my station, click on advertising to make money site.

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