Small defeat dead money of fast food readme a grassroots entrepreneurs in Beijing

editor: Wang Jingjing (WeChat public account shangyeguancha)

Narrator: Lao Jia

I: This is the story of a dark horse to a grassroots entrepreneurs in Beijing Lao Jia, online education business stories before we talked about an old skin, they all have a lot of similarities, are very optimistic, very young, very persistent, and Lao Jia story and something different. The old merchant from Shandong, no family background, alone in the city of Beijing hard business, experienced failure, also experienced joy, now he has returned to the sales, sat a job I love, he said he wanted to reflect on their thinking while the grass roots have entrepreneurial experience. So, as Lao Jia friends I, in one night, slowly put the struggle and frustration this period of life slowly integrate into my fingertips, he said that his experience can let more people take some detours, further success. In the old home of the story, there is no loss, sadness, frustration, and some just a calm self-confidence and constantly reflect on the new. The following is an old friend Jia readme:


early start: open restaurant compensate light principal

I’m from Beijing in May 17, 2009. Car sales in Shandong Ji’nan 4S shop before, it was my first job, doing very well, then get the annual sales crown in 2008, because the reason I got off the crown, I was promoted to be promoted to sales manager, as a college student with a green hand, a few buddies together sell the car, it was my first time with the team, in the 4S shop car sales experience let me develop my own work values and ways of doing things, have to say the first job is too important for life. But then I chose to give up the work to drift completely because of an occasional experience.

Beijing’s idea to 07 years after an accidental travel, when I see the Tiananmen in Xidan Wangfujing station on the huge crowds of people in Chang’an Avenue. So I think so many people in Beijing would open a restaurant that fire ah, that time on the germination of the idea of entrepreneurship to come to Beijing, can be said that a little thought not like seed germination in my heart deeply bought a foreshadowing.

later put the idea aside, has been honest to sell cars, but I was a restless person, heart always feel the shortcomings of what I know is, that impulse inside, and then want to stay in the city’s rural children who come up with city head that kind of feeling, I do not want to in Ji’nan, a city that sells a car.

I seriously to do a SWOT analysis, and finally feel that I still have the strength to go to Beijing such a city. That’s why they came to Beijing. After coming to Beijing, I saw the prosperity of the metropolis and the luxury cars on the ground

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