The programmer to switch to selling and color Clay oven rolls you heart it

yesterday when visiting the boring space, found a friend in the friend: programmers in dynamic talk: resign, to switch to selling Clay oven rolls. A large amount of support and encouragement. Of course, I know it’s just a joke. This reminds me of a news last week saw: online games programmers turned to sell to buy a car to marry Clay oven rolls up. The news said in an online game company in the original hard work of senior programmers, because of physical reasons for leaving the online company, not only in Shenzhen to sell Clay oven rolls, buy a car, but also has married a beautiful wife ", is Clay oven rolls beauty and color, so that the original brothers have not envy. In fact, Chinese programmers have a unified nickname – "code class, work overtime, work overtime or video! The hero of" brother some sad Clay oven rolls "also told me:" the programmer is non-stop work, work very tired. But do online program development of agricultural ", the nickname was the image of the performance of programmers working condition. If you are a programmer friends around you will know that they work extremely hard and was very happy, the brothers together to solve the problem of overtime work, also often go to sing K play, very happy. Unfortunately, the body can not eat a little, then left."

also said: "brother Clay oven rolls the first day sold more than and 100 pieces, I never thought the business is getting better, now sometimes are busy, and even the fire to go to the internet. Now we are together to make a house, ready to get married at the end of the year, which in the past I do not want to think about it!

after reading this news, as the program ape, as SEO you heart out? You want to create a portal, hope can change their own destiny as brother Clay oven rolls to change my life, like to create a bright future of


in real life, my side there are many programmers, developers and site construction personnel and so on, there is no doubt that usually engage in technology, engaged in the development, work overtime has become a thing of the It is quite common for. When they intend to enter the technology industry, perhaps already have a psychological preparation, get a high salary, but also to pay more efforts than others, eat more bitter. At the same time as the 80, 90 of us there is always a ready to heart, hope that their business plan, and the 35 friends Bay Company, or a simple studio. Or open their own shop, selling clothes, selling shoes and so do a little business. Or in the Taobao EBAY shop room. In short, most people generally believe that only their own business, in order to have a better future, in order to earn much more than how many, in order to be able to buy a car in a large city, buy a house. Work, it can only maintain life, maintain the daily expenses only. So my friends say that in the space of just made a switch to selling Clay oven rolls, has attracted so many people’s sympathy and support will be not at all surprising.

do not know, the road is very difficult and difficult to start this business. But it’s always good to be able to avoid getting stuck

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