Amoy owners you put the mentality

believes that many webmaster and I am a novice, a lot more is "higher" to Amoy owners, along the way, I believe we have the same feeling: that is the Amoy promotion difficult road, how are we going to hold on? How to break the bottle neck?

The following is the

station (parenting mummy fashion boutique owners navigation) a storm experienced self feeling:

The first Taobao

for almost two years, of course, online shopping is also a half a year, Ali mother also has registered a year, can be found in Amoy can make money, is at the end of 7, when the guest promotion, can be said to overcrowding, posting, QQ, blog promotion, more is to build the station! Although I don’t know but, with a sea road army station.

road opened, the tree "all must continue, only to find myself how busy, can think and, over the Amoy station, although the station can do, each one has its own merits, in many Tao stand in the shadow and off, that is how not easy


go today, suddenly want to understand, blind, anxious to get angry, walk to promotion, the effect is not large, but we should use what kind of, what kind of attitude to our current situation?

: first of all we must know his own mind, put down immediately to make money, focus on site planning, innovation, let us stand with different weight, play his unique, unique effect, will not let the public down came up, so as to keep the guests.

second: site beautification, this is also very important, they are not a landscaping design, once friends criticized the non beautiful visible before the eyes, how do you want to come back to see or feel the child of


third: now a lot of shopping guide station is a comprehensive website information and shopping to combine, this requires the webmaster, have a certain aesthetic ability, whether to choose the information in line, need to public taste, so no matter for included or for customer retention are lethal weapons. The second is to recommend the choice of shops and goods, it is best to carefully selected, so that the choice of guests, there will be a chance to patronize again. For example: the bird of magic wardrobe handmade DIY shop I recommend, this is no commission shop, but good things, of course, some good stuff to share to you.

fourth: everything is ready, there is enough content, plus some regular updates, will always believe that included continuous influx of the rest to us the most difficult is the promotion of the website now! For this promotion, what you want to say no to share insights, we hope to is to opinions, because he did not succeed, it is eager to how to promote, how to increase the chain site. This is also the most difficult to do, let the webmaster headache thing!

is more than a few light > station parenting fashion boutique webmaster Mommy navigation based on their success on the summary

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