APP taxi from the decline to see the development of mobile phone APP

recently saw all about APP taxi, taxi was observed a moment of silence, APP is a doomed to decline the application, although it appears to have real to the taxi riders and provides real convenience, but the taxi industry has been operating for many years the rules do not allow taxi taxi and APP will become free to change the pricing what a taxi APP, but ultimately promote the taxi company more contemporary changes.

taxi applications have more than two years, but it was known to the public is more like last year, and some technology products, seems to be overnight in front of the public products, and the peak is a taxi more than 30 applications, the market competition is fierce. Taxi companies and the electricity bidding system is different, taxi applications allow passengers to taxi fare increase. This point is for the winning magic weapon system compared to the taxi company taxi applications, but also because it led to the decline of taxi APP.

from the second half of last year’s hot today to the decline of taxi APP like fireworks shining like flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum a soundless and stirless disappeared into the people’s vision, the reason behind this had to make us think:

1, a good product, blindly cater to the user’s appetite at the same time, whether it has considered whether it will affect the legitimate rights and interests of the taxi industry businesses? APP decline is that their planners in the implementation of this application has touched the traditional taxi price adjustment lever, and this, it is one of the most sensitive part;

2, before the market share, has considered the development? Only good products can not wait to consider the business model and ignored the most important reason is the mode of development, many entrepreneurs fail. APP is also a taxi, unfortunately, they just remember to blindly seize market share, but did not consider how to achieve profitability. And a company that does not make a profit is never going to develop;

3, O2O is a combination of online and offline market, rather than using the line instead of the line. Taxi APP planners ignored this point clearly. There is no connection between the traditional taxi company, while the taxi driver directly with the end user with the user, did not get the support of the line, is doomed to not succeed. We can see that in order to prevent the development of taxi APP, some city has been the introduction of the relevant provisions, such as the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Authority issued the "Beijing city taxi mobile phone call service management implementation details" in respect of the provisions of the relevant regulations, mobile phone call software can’t increase the church car service software taking charge must be with the city taxi call service charges "in line", a taxi application cannot commercials, equivalent to direct taxi APP death sentence. On the other hand, in order to respond to the impact of a taxi APP, taxi companies have launched their own taxi application to maintain their normal operations.


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