Products plus PPC so profiteering

everyone had a dream of getting rich, but the time to give everyone the opportunity, personal efforts are also different, most people fail, some people have very little success, standing on the top of the Pyramid. To become rich, the means of making money is different, the way is different. Said today through the network sales of products, the rapid rise of this group of people.

what kind of product is the product of the profits is about half of the sales price, are profiteering products. Such as a flashlight, the price is 100 yuan, the profit can reach 50 yuan, this product is huge. Low price means relatively easy to sell, high prices means that sales are relatively difficult. If you catch the real valuable products to consumers, there will be a lot of sales, this is another matter. 100 yuan of products and products of $1000, $100 of the product will be easier than the sale of 1000 yuan of products, in general, there is a low price advantage. Taobao shop is able to prove the theory here, selling low-priced products to the store a few high crown, selling high priced store product reputation is more difficult.

how to find suitable network marketing profiteering products? A woman of beauty, men, children to be healthy, smart, old business to make money these kinds of products are generally very suitable for personal profits, and sales network. Biddingkeywords beauty of women, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, whitening, freckle, Wahaha, anti-aging and other men; biddingkeywords lewd, such as impotence, sexual activities, bubble, videotaping equipment; children biddingkeywords smart, educational toys, improve mental training, etc.; the elderly to biddingkeywords health. As rheumatism, melatonin, health care products, such as the elderly mobile phone enterprises to make money; bidding keywords, such as the production of the product name, enterprise marketing plan etc..

readers to see here, you can search for weight loss in the Baidu keyword, you will see a lot of it is a Landing Page page, the production is very beautiful, the purpose is to sell slimming tea and other products. This simple ad page can make people who sell products quickly become rich. This kind of product how high profits? A sell 500 yuan of slimming products, the cost will not exceed $200, calculated in accordance with a single profit of 300 yuan, a day to sell one of about 10, net profit a month in the 100 thousand year, there is still hope to earn 1 million.

money profits products basic survival in the search engine PPC, Taobao because of the business too much competition pressure so the products there is no profits to speak, this is also the use of the people to accept the information asymmetry, which makes the product sales profits.

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