Hao123 after stand advertising

I think every Chinese owners should be no stranger to hao123, and most recently in the webmaster nets stationmaster information station to see about Google, the Tencent of hao123 and hao123 in the Alexa block, the ranking also plummeted, whether Chinese users of the site navigation station to rely on more and more small site navigation station more? Whether it is a threat to the status of hao123


I did not think I would have anything to do with hao123, but I was in Ali’s mother’s ad was hao123 to buy a week, while the price is only 0.1 yuan, the time from July 2nd to July 8th!


from I will send this message to the webmaster network trading forum and Ali mother BBS, miracle pull!!!

my home advertising are all empty, my home from the station network trading forum and Ali mother forum flow straight up


once again thanks to the webmaster nets and Ali mother!!!

in the end in order to prove what I said is not empty, this ad placement on the first page of my home page below the right position!

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