Grassroots counter attack a person started Xing Shuai education how to play online education

two hundred thousand paid students, $thirty million B round of financing, annual turnover of 100 million…… In a number of online educational institutions into the market and could not find the profit model of the occasion, Xing Shuai education transcript is very brisk.

Xing Shuai network college is one of the earliest online education institutions. Xing Xing, founder of the sophomore dropped out in 2008 to teach Photoshop started in QQ group. Xing Shuai college has been focused on vocational skills training, students to grassroots groups.

over the past six years, Xing Shuai College for students from hundreds of people up to two hundred thousand people, the turnover of 100 million yuan from twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan a hurricane. It is worth mentioning that it is charged five hundred to several thousand dollars of tuition fees are not low, but this does not seem to hinder its rapid development.

in China’s current online education market, Xing Shuai education is an online education company can not ignore the growth of samples.

a man taught Photoshop started

this year, founder Xing Shuai germination of the idea of online teaching. At that time, China’s online education is far less popular now.

"after 80" Xing Shuai when studying at a university in Yunnan, a professional college of computer science. He felt that he had dropped out of his sophomore year in his sophomore year, which he felt was "less professional.". Xing Shuai was born in rural areas, the traditional concept of parents, the move to quit the family was angry. After a few years, Xing Shuai rely on self-learning graphic design technology, and then take some fragmented design work to make a living.

gradually, Xing Shuai found similar to their own grassroots group is very large. Many college graduates in rural areas to the city but it is difficult to find a good job to base. For the purpose of helping the group, with promising online education market, 2008, Xing Shuai germination of the online teaching idea, "I can see the future of online education market, I think this is I can make a change in the field." At that time, the market of software technology is still blank.

a rental house, a computer, Xing Shuai began his online education.

Xing Shuai QQ group will build up the students together, Professor Photoshop in the group, he recorded a good teaching video sent to the students every day, and in the group exchange Q & A.

this is an innovative move at the time, because many companies still remain in 2008 to record video, the video frame profit sold, Xing Shuai go ahead and put the students into the QQ group, despite the recording form, but the real-time intercourse than other educational institutions have more advantages.

because of the good quality of teaching, more and more students up. At that time, one hundred people of Xing Shuai students, the main user groups is one or two years of work, improve the level of technology needs of young people and new big city rural college students. For more than a year, problems arise

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