Alimama who exactly are you

sequence: the webmaster to be like a son, but to be like a pig to sell

two sequence: the arrival of alimama hit a lot of advertising alliance, but also had to let them re-examine the relationship with the majority of the site owners

alimama is relying on a strong background in Ma, the majority of the site owners immediately occupy a favorable psychological space, advertising alliance many website owners are independent gradually turn through such big credit. In the beginning we are undoubtedly attracted by such cooperation: to see the day the income effect in the fixed day time to receive the money, there are some minor activities by

then the system adjustment after a series of course, in order to perfect, but as " Zhu Xinli " said, enterprises should keep as a son, but when the pig sells.Alimama this is also the first lord, by all means the majority of the network website owners, through some preferential some policies to attract advertisers, on these basis and began his " " plans to sell a pig; advertisers set CPC for each click of not less than 0.08, then the actual income of the main website or even 0.03, advertisers do not need to pay what the technical service fee, then the main site every month to pay the cost of not a technical service fee, this fee policy seems to be a head. But the fluctuation of income in the main site, will soon be closed. This is undoubtedly a advertising alliance Another Microsoft.

want to do monopolyThe

above is just my personal opinion, each one according to his lights.

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