Optimization techniques of Google Adwords

      different from other advertisers, Google Adwords has more technical content, not the highest price in the forefront of advertising. So Google Adwords advertisers need to constantly optimize the placement of advertising and advertising target sites in order to improve the ranking and click effect.

      to improve the ranking of Adwords, first of all we have to understand the important factors of Adwords rankings are those? The optimization learning skills of Google Adwords please login study network www.xuanxue.com

      1, keyword

      2, advertising click price

      3, advertising content

      4, the quality of web page


      advertising keywords is very important, because the first element of the Google Adwords advertising display is the degree of matching keywords. At the same time, the key word is also directly affect the price of your advertising click ok.

      only specific keywords can be matched to a more accurate, more general keywords matching accuracy will be lower, if your ads appear on the page, even if you are not accurate, the highest price is the first may be ranked in a bad position.

      ad Click price

      in the case of the same degree of matching, click the price first, that is to say the highest price set the higher the better location.

      unit price is the highest price you click on each time, the actual price is Google Smartprice depending on the specific circumstances of the click. For example, you click on the line every time is 2 yuan, and you have to click on each of the 8 cents, a little is every time $1.5, anyway, the price is not fixed, but the automatic floating.

      main factors affecting the price of the 2, one is the matching degree, that is, you put the key words or advertising and content; two is to click on the source, click on IP and the visitors association.

      advertising content


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