How to do business advertising alliance so difficult

my company is doing the plush toy franchise company tried exhibition advertising, Baidu bid, Ali Mama advertising model, but the effect is not ideal. Mainly in the exhibition advertising flow advisory u88 class, but at the same time the customer can see many investment projects, the competition is too big. Do Baidu bidding everyone understand why the bad effect of malicious invalid clicks too much.

mom effect is good or bad also met several cheating and the whole process is difficult to statistics can be said about a month in 100 thousand advertising spend not clear, then I want to be able to do a advertising alliance to attract all the large and small owners to help us advertise in accordance with our advisory capacity for advertising feel this good idea to plan a week to write the program I plan to promote the technology department budget is 8 to 10 yuan each message that should be considered in the online advertising CPA also learned under the market of 8 to 10 yuan price is not low but also few people say

one can say this is difficult to do if I don’t do very well for people everywhere do our customers decide the local portal station, station, station good financial business entertainment game class station will not do the normal business station, station on the IP5000 with the words of Finance no problem to customers in more than 20

some people say we are liars deduction amount at the beginning of the program, I do take into account the advantages and disadvantages, the downside is that if you don’t get the deduction amount not on time payment and other negative consequences after all this face is the webmaster and said we didn’t deduct the amount made it impossible for you in we are here to do over how the reason that we don’t talk some deduction amount for

has been pushing for a couple of days, but I’m convinced that the future of the project is very strong. Interested can look at our website sincerely hope to cooperate with you to achieve a win-win. I hope you can give some advice on how to do a good job in this league

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