try to combine urban and rural supermarket O2O attempt

what is the real meaning of O2O? Is a product of a businessman, I can buy from online, just near my house. The business also has a store, I go out to buy, online and offline, Renjunxuanze, this is O2O? But if you are, I don’t you need to, or store in a slum, can not afford. The so-called O2O is just empty talk. That is not to say that O2O must now experience online orders, payment, such as the purchase of furniture, furniture really need this, but not all goods have to experience consumption? Especially the FMCG industry, is not fun O2O


so in my opinion, the so-called successful O2O, not just refers to experience, payment, logistics, these links, the core of the two important things: demand and emotion.

if the product use value, price, quality and to meet consumer demand, the use of O2O mode, to a certain extent break business geographical restrictions, to get more consumers, but also to consolidate local consumers. If you can take advantage of the O2O model, to strengthen the contact with consumers, you can lower the cost to enhance customer stickiness, get more repeat customers. To achieve the above two points, is the value of the O2O model.

the following, I will operate with a supermarket in the city of China, to explore the connotation of O2O.


in the urban and rural areas to open a supermarket, is not difficult, as long as the potential consumers to conduct a superficial study on the line. For example, supermarket products to middle and low, with the daily household category mainly reduced fresh species, because fresh put forward higher requirements for supermarkets, such as logistics, storage, and operation cost is greater, the category decreased, reduce the combination of urban and rural supermarket operation difficulty. What we need to think about is how to extend to the line, there are two extensions, online access to customers and suppliers. In recent years, I have come into contact with some of the requirements of the establishment of an independent online shopping mall customers, I often ask them: why not go Taobao line now I understand that these customers are doing online retail department stores. Whether Taobao or Tmall, for the on-line category are restricted, so can not be all categories are moved to the Internet, can also choose each category independent shop, but the cost will increase, so they want a "Tmall". The result is ten have nine defeats. This is enough to say that the next line of supermarkets want to get consumers online, almost impossible. Then select the second, from the online suppliers. Taobao market has a large number of sellers, including both manufacturers and dealers, but forced to optimize the cost of Taobao, many even transferred to the line, there is no market. They are my supermarket suppliers, at present, I have the general merchandise supermarket is from the hands of the seller of Taobao goods.

how to meet the needs of

I think, at the moment, my work, to meet at least two needs. First, to meet the needs of consumers under the line

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