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        first, to Wang a suggestion, stand on the writing, the verification code errors. It all fell through, can adjust, I just finished, because the verification number wrong, write Wenyin there. Oh, hope rewritten. Graph king is acceptable.


            this time, I have been in the (admin5.com) and other stations around. That many webmaster have complained that my station does not earn money ah, how many are my IP, one day to earn a few bucks how much is my station, IP, do what good monthly? Yes, this is the most concerned about the topic, when I can stand to make money. I have to read these stations, it is made full of advertising. Some have also complained that I IP a day less than a day. In fact, I personally think that some owners mentality is wrong if you wanted to make money for their own website can not be too impatient, not the station got all the advertising, if you want to stick to make money, then I tell you, you can find some of the alliance’s full channel advertising portfolio into a dumpster. But if you do want to stand developed to allow the public to accept it, then you have to go step by step. Not to make money, to a mature stand as a mature station to operate. This will only make you stand on the road to ruin. You must try to maintain your station You, as you gave her lover, to take care of. So you can get more user support, if a station was built in just a few days to do it like other owners as you have to steady earning gold, and hair. Just like a child is born, you think he could walk. That this is possible? I believe, though with such a purpose, but I’m just trying to treat development. Slowly. I do not have what experience, may I say these words, many webmaster think is not correct, but this represents only my personal opinion, is accepted, not please do not accept.


my station (www.hao523.cn), site of the home, including various types of the size of the site, are interested in support. We also welcome the exchange, QQ:461128622

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