Say Wangzhuan novice can learn experience

A, make money experience

I want to contact Wangzhuan people are on the Internet to earn money, not two years ago I heard the word Wangzhuan, had to earn more money in Baidu search results will make money online, broke into the "higher" world, then a get out of hand, crazy money on deep web, also accumulated a lot of experience. Now want to combine other users experience here about Wangzhuan knowledge, hope that you can soon enter the world Wangzhuan friends help.

just a few days or even longer, you do a lot of hard work but did not see any money, you will be suspected of resentment: all is a lie. And earn a little money, they fantasize to Wangzhuan for a lifetime career, in fact Wangzhuan is a very long process, generally after two months is your harvest period. If you do not have your own website, if you don’t have many referrals, not easy to do specifically to resign, unless you have earned enough. Webmasters do a lot of companies, two months later, my Paypal has received more money. How much money is a person’s perseverance + experience + ability is proportional to, as long as you have perseverance and intentions, will be able to benefit!

modaobuwukanchaigong, first of all to be ready to make money online tools. Some Wangzhuan forum is necessary, the novice can learn a lot of knowledge, is a very good forum, which organize some basic knowledge for beginners very useful


B, reason against cheating

a, the consequences of cheating

The consequences of

cheating is divided into three levels: the lightest is cheating the account was closed, followed by the company to $cast to the wind! Make up the loopholes, stop part of service, so that all members suffer losses, make money resources destroyed! Is the most serious, simply stop service, make money resources is completely destroyed!

two, our proposition

we do not advocate the use of cheating software, for six reasons:

1, my starting point is "the net", rather than "rich", make peace of mind, do.

2, in order to become a cheat off the assembly line, if the line does not cheat, I must be dead, earn must be him!

3, part of cheating software to gain, it commands click on your own ads, or a hacker to steal your


4, the use of cheating software, accidentally become someone else’s free software testers! Be sealed account, heroic sacrifice!

5, must not be able to give personal information to those who can not trust or website, because your information can create great value!

6, to protect the Internet to make money, otherwise we do not have to earn!

summed up so much knowledge, have time to help you organize more useful information!

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