Content cut website Clipboard upgrade push iOS version of the new team sharing function


Clipboard 2.0

remember kuzhan introduced before class Pinterest cloud Clipboard clipboard? This special web service website content shear in today (September 12th) ushered in a major update. Launched the Clipboard version 2, and tens of millions of calls, and finally ushered in the first Clipboard iOS applications.


Clipboard push iOS app


Clipboard app iOS screenshot

Clipboard iOS applications can almost complete all the work done at the Web end. Perfect seamless operation. In addition to allowing users to browse the most popular clips, see the user’s profile page, to explore the social relations, comment clips, view notifications, or search the entire network clip material; also allows users to create and share their material in the mobile terminal, support copy content from the shear Safari browser, e-mail, such as Notepad in any application. IPhone side of the Clipboard in terms of visual image browsing looks more like a photo sharing service.

upgraded version of Clipboard 2 will also bring users a new mobile network experience. This is a mobile website that supports HTML5. Even if you do not have a iOS device, you can also make your mobile device access to


support HTML5 allows access to

at any mobile terminal

new version of the Clipboard to remove the old version of the home page on the left side of the redundancy of the Home tab, add a shared board function. Allow users to invite new members (two or more). Of course, administrators can control (modify or revoke) membership privileges.


shared board team

is currently free on app Clipboard and is currently compatible with iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPod, iPod, touch4 and iPad, requiring iOS 5 or higher version of the store. Fresh baked version waiting for you to download the inspection (Meng Meng)

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